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5 Dope Mantras Your Dope Therapist Keeps On Repeat

If you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love therapy. Words can’t express what it feels like to wake up every day and walk into a sacred space genuinely excited about the work that lies ahead of me for the day-the space I’ll get to hold and the healing I’ll get to witness.

Therapy is so dope for many, many reasons but that’s for another post.

Two reasons that are totally on that list though:

1. Every dope therapist has a host of dope mantra(s) that they keep on repeat.

2. Every dope therapist has some dope therapist friends in their network to lean on for resources, case consultation, advice, and support.

A mantra is a powerful sound or statement, often associated with meditation, to set an intention.

Man in mantra translates to “think”. Mantra literally means a thought, thought behind speech or action.

So here are 5 dope mantras from 5 very dope therapists and why they use them in practice. Think of these phrases as seeds, so much like a seed that you plant with the intention of blossoming, think of a mantra as a seed for energizing your intention. Just as you plant a seed, you plant mantras in the fertile soil of practice (that’s why we keep these on repeat). You nurture them and over time they bear the fruit of your intention:

Mantra I keep on repeat: “Put your focus and energy into what you can control”

Why: We have a complicated relationship with control-it’s one of those things a lot of my clients shame themselves for. It’s very healthy to have a need for control. In fact, it’s the sense of control that gives us the security to actually take risks. Taking risks gets us out of our comfort zone, which is where the magic happens. When we get stuck focusing and putting energy into things we can’t control (like other people) it’s oftentimes an indicator to us that we are losing sight of our own personal needs. By setting your intention and focusing on what you can control you’re also positioning yourself to be empowered to prioritize your needs.

Kimberly Reese Sherman | | @KReeseLCSW | The Reese Collective-Charlotte, NC |


Mantra I keep on repeat: “Give yourself grace.”

Why: I find that we have a tendency to be so hard on ourselves. We have expectations of how we should act, feel, and even heal. As a therapist, I hear how much those expectations are prevalent in people’s lives. But also as a therapist, I see how we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we’ve already done, survived, or how we’ve grown. We often don’t give ourselves permission to be human; to feel uncomfortable feelings and to make mistakes. And finally, it’s so tangible and acceptable for us to extend grace to others. I say “give yourself grace” to clients as a reminder to extend that same act to ourselves.

Camille Logan | 941-219-5948 | @camille.loganLPC | The KC Collective-Raleigh, NC |

(Website coming 1/1/20)


Mantra I keep on repeat: “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.”

Why: So as you know Oprah has been through unimaginable traumatic events and has been vigilant in practicing continued self-improvement. I love this quote because Oprah is a role model to so many, she's recognizable and relatable. She also talks about how this quote was life-changing for her and that it elevated her to the next level of being her best self. I also love this quote because it gives a person permission to let go of any vengeance, anger, ill will, or just any of those feelings that tend to keep us stuck and repeatedly hurt by wrongs that were done to us in the past.

Charlene Dyer, MA, LPC, QCS | 980-595-4919 | The Reese Collective-Charlotte, NC |


Mantra I keep on repeat: “Don’t forget to put yourself at the top of the list. Self-care, self-care, SELF-CARE!”

Why: If it has been a tough session and I see a client struggling to put themselves first or struggling to implement boundaries I say this to them at the conclusion of our session just before they walk out. In many environments, it is frowned upon for individuals to express their needs. As a therapist, I want people to know it is not only acceptable to put yourself and your needs first but it is healthy.

Montina Myers-Galloway, PLLC | | FB & IG @myersgallowaycounseling | (704) 750-1889


Mantra I keep on repeat: “Be Gentle with Yourself"

Why: When we are experiencing symptoms of mental health disorders the capacity to complete tasks, focus, and operate as we normally do decreases. We often say "I should ...". I encourage clients to truly measure what they have the capacity to do at any given moment and to give themselves grace when the capacity "to do" decreases.

Yolanda Bartow, MSW, LCSW | Psychotherapist/Reiki Practitioner | A Place for Peace, LLC | Charlotte, NC | 704-659-3801 |

Try some of these mantras and reach out to any of these amazing clinicians if you are exploring therapy.
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