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Therapy with Kimberly

You’ve been through a lot or perhaps you’re still going through it-maybe some terrible things have happened in your past, and those things still impact you today, maybe you even fear they have robbed your hope for your future.

Maybe you don’t identify with any of those things and you don’t feel like you need anyone-in fact, just the thought of saying “I need” or asking for help makes your skin crawl. Yet, you’re lonely and you can’t understand why your relationships don’t look different. You want this to look different but you don’t know where to start.

I get it. Life is a lot. Family dynamics that you just smh at. A contaminated “dating pool”. Making friends as an adult. Adulting period. Working for someone else when you want to be making your own money and building a legacy, but how?  Not to mention the world has felt on fire for years now. Racism. Sexism. All the isms. Not wanting to be perceived as “angry” but wanting to feel empowered to speak your truth no matter what space you’re in. I can relate. I’m invested and it shows. You’ll feel that in our work together.

Are we a fit?

The relationship between a clinician and client is an element of the healing process so the right fight is critical. Here's what I hear from clients I tend to be a good fit for.  

What common complaints do my clients have when they are starting therapy?
Having trouble navigating relationships, seeking companionship but feeling discouraged, impactful family history, struggling with managing emotions, feeling stuck, and feeling unfulfilled. There for others but not feeling like people are there for you. Driven-but you are worried it might be to a fault.

What do I hear clients identify as outcomes they are seeking in our work together? 
-"Seeking to love me" 
-"Be more confident"
- "Have healthier more sustaining relationships" 
- "Stop second-guessing myself"
- "Feeling more secure in my desires for my life and my ability to see them manifested"
- "To feel lighter"

What are the costs and do I accept insurance*?

For therapy services, if you are insured and you wish to have services billed through your insurance provider, I am in-network with Blue Cross & Blue Shield. The cost will depend on your specific plan. Check with your provider and ask them to explain your outpatient mental health benefits to you and confirm if I am in-network. 


If you have a different insurance carrier, we can provide a Superbill for you to submit to your insurance, which can be used towards your out-of-network benefits. Please ask your insurance provider what your out-of-network mental health benefits are. You will be required to pay the full fee at the time of your session. 

If you are not using insurance benefits my current rate is $200/session. HSA/FSA is accepted. 

To give you a better idea of my style: 

  • I bring my heart to this work.

    • I am a woman of Faith meaning (for me) that I search God's heart for mine. This informs my work.

  • I’m relatable.

  • I invest in my own work.

  • I won’t make you feel judged.

  • I genuinely love being a Black clinician.

  • I get joy out of seeing my clients meet their goals.

  • I’m a good accountability partner.

  • I know my stuff

    • I have extensive training and experience treating trauma + I’m intentional about my continuing education + I have a dope network of teachers, mentors, and colleagues whom I am always learning from.

    • Learn more about my experience and clinical approach to practice. 

  • I believe in you, and the way I interact with you will always reflect that.

  • I value your insight.

  • And for more, read my bio here. 

*If you choose to submit billing to your insurance provider please know that insurance requires a diagnosis.

Insurance and Payment
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