Therapy with Kimberly

You’ve been through a lot or perhaps you’re still going through it-maybe some terrible things have happened in your past, you have relationships with your mom and dad that you feel have jacked you and your hope for healthy and happy relationships up.

Maybe you don’t identify with any of those things and you don’t feel like you need anyone-in fact, just the thought of saying “I need” or asking for help makes your skin crawl. Yet, you’re lonely and you can’t understand why your relationships are the way they are. You want this to look different but you don’t know where to start.

I get it. Life is a lot. Family dynamics that you just smh at. Dating. Making friends as an adult. Adulting period. Working for someone else when you want to be making your own money and building a legacy, but how?  Not to mention the political climate. Not wanting to be perceived as “angry” but wanting to feel empowered to speak your truth no matter what space you’re in. I can relate. I’m invested and it shows. You’ll feel that in our work together.

I have very high expectations of myself and you will feel that in the work we do.

I’ve also learned how to manage this and give myself grace when I fall short, you’ll also see this reflected in the work we do.


I know there are SO many therapists out there...and now there are apps and bots you can access for free, or don’t carry the price tag my services do.

So, let me give you an idea of who I know I am a good fit for.


I work best with clients who are ready to do the work. They’ve learned that running from it or trying to cover it up, doesn’t work and if it does, it doesn’t last long...and by then, when it comes back it’s even bigger. “The magic is in what you’re avoiding…” if you are ready to do the work AND you value it enough to make the investment in yourself, you should book me. I’m ready!