Matthew 17:20

Therapy with Kimberly

I know that this is probably a pretty nerve-wrecking time for you right now, even if you haven’t identified any specific “problems” you’d like to work with a therapist on, even if your life is “perfect” and you’re just curious, the process of finding a therapist to partner with in itself can be nerve-wrecking and cause angst so I’m glad you’ve found me :)

You might feel that  to even start to address some of these things now would be such a mountainous task...the thought of trying might feel scary in itself. How could anyone understand? If I sat down and told someone what I’ve been through, what I go through, they would think something is wrong with me.

You might feel overwhelmed with your own thoughts-at times feeling like if you could just get your mind to be more quiet that in itself would be a HUGE relief. You might feel frustrated because you know you are often times your biggest critic and ultimately the way you talk to yourself (you know, self-talk) is the true culprit and it’s keeping you from some of those things you so desperately, fulfilling career, self confidence, friends, support, to be heard, to feel understood.