with Kimberly

First of all, congratulations for being here! If you’re reading this information, more than likely you’re feeling some sort of a tug within you and you have an idea of what it is. You know you have a heart for this work, right? But you don’t know about that agency you're working for...maybe you aren’t too sure if the services you are providing are effective or line up with how you envisioned effecting change in communities or empowering healing in individuals. And if we’re really honest, you know you’re worth more, and you want more for yourself and your future.


But what does this mean and what exactly does it look like? And then, HOW? What’s the plan? Where do I start?



Thanks to my (10 years) experience with agencies, organizations, and practices...I have a strong sense of what works and what doesn’t. Beyond that and to be transparent, I’ve had a vision to have an impact on my community since I was in middle school and I knew even then that this would happen through the vehicle of emotional healing for the people in my community.


I’ve always believed there would first have to be a shift in the culture of mental health as it was perceived in my community-stigma would have to change. And that’s happening. People who have historically disproportionately engaged in mental health services due to issues like access, lack of culturally competent providers, shame, and misconception (i.e. "seeing a therapist = lack of faith"), are now seeking support from clinicians and representation matters!


To that end, I believe in the power of working as a collective and that it’s through this mentality that we will see an even greater shift in our individual lives and all of our communities.


I get EXCITED to invest in other clinicians who feel the pull of entrepreneurship (this doesn’t have to just look like private practice anymore!) but are nervous and don’t know how to start. My consulting services include:

  • Supporting you with developing a better sense of your purpose and what that can mean for your brand/business

  • Exploring barriers to pursuing that purpose

  • Helping you navigate the essentials for your business (billing, marketing, social media, forms, etc.)

  • Linking you with resources and plugging you into networks

If you're ready, you should book a phone consultation with me, I'd love to connect with you.

I empower clinicians with an entrepreneurial mindset to overcome their anxieties and tap into their strengths and abilities to see their goals come to fruition.